With nearly four decades worth of experience in accounting and payroll, you can be sure that we know payroll. We can make your payroll hassle free with very little time spent on your part so you can spend your valuable time on building your business instead of running it.

To ensure you spend your time wisely with us, we offer:

  •    Employer and supervisor portals to conveniently add employee hours
  •    Online paystubs emailed to employees so you never have to print or sign anything again
  •    Monthly payroll reports emailed to you and added to our secure cloud filing cabinet
  •    Upload your employee forms to our secure cloud storage so there are no more messy paper files, and we both can access them when we need to



Estimated flat monthly fee includes:

   •    direct deposit for all employees
   •    electronic delivery of notices of direct deposit
   •    electronic payment of all federal and state taxes
   •    electronic transmittal of any deferrals or garnishments
   •    payroll reports delivered electronically
   •    quarterly 941 returns
   •    quarterly SUTA returns
   •    annual 940 filing
   •    electronic delivery of W-2 forms
   •    electronic filing of W-3 and W-2 forms with IRS
   •    access to system for employer input of time for hourly employees
   •    employee access to online payroll history
   •    additional states for withholding transmittal
   •    our entry of time for hourly employees